Research and development

As a Biotechnological Institute, our company has built a leading R&D department, in which various research projects are currently being developed:

The hop and brewery industry project

Due to the great importance of hop in our land, several research lines define this project:

- Restoration, phenotypic and genotypic characterization of hop cultivars (H3, H7 and Fino Alsacia) which are well-known for their unique organoleptic properties
- Hop plants sex identification
- Improvement of cultivar propagation processes, emphasizing the obtaining of in vitro micro-rhizomes
- Complete chemical fingerprinting of some hop varieties
- Production of liquid yeast

The maize project

Our main aim is to perform a genetic improvement program in order to get maize lines showing esistance to Fusarium and cane breaking.
These plants will be used in our genetic improvement program as donors to inter-breed them with other interesting maize cultivars.
To this end, we will perform an extensive screening of a set of maize plants, in order to select those lines of interest: molecular markers related to cane breaking resistance will be employed, as well as a completely characterization of their cell walls. This last point have been currently carried out.

The bean project

Due to the important economic looses that the halo-blight disease causes in vean worldwide, we are focusing our efforts in the development of an integral treatment against it. Two different approaches are being followed:

- The formulation of a bio-remedy for being apply as a preventive and/or emergency solution in epidemic spreading cases
- The performance of a breeding program for the obtaining of bean plants showing resistance to the disease as well as others interesting field properties.

Other research lines of our department

- Cell wall composition and energetic analyses of agronomic residues
- Genetic improvement of other crops
- Development of bio-treatments and bio-fertilizers with a broad spectrum of application