The Company

The Biotechnological Institute Healthy Plants arose with the aim of satisfying the requirement of a clear improvement which the agronomic sector demands.

In this sense, our activities are focused in the in vitro plant production, the performing of a wide range of biochemical and molecular analyses for phytosanitary issues, the bio-remedies development as well as to give a comprehensive field guiding and training. Although we work with a wide range of crops, we are specialized on hops as well as other important local species.

Our human team is formed by Ph.Ds in Plant Physiology, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Graduates in Veterinary, Biological, Agricultural and Crop Sciences and a highly especialized laboratory, greenhouse and technical field staff.

Our commitment

Excellence and innovation are our essential pillars. Every day, we are working hard in order to offer the finest quality products to our clients as well as an exquisite treatment and improved services. All our products are produced under strict good practices and in accordance with certification of quality standards.

Since our main aim is to enhance the agro-food industry by means of the inclusion of advanced and better quality crops and cultivars, the marked social responsibility of Healthy Plants is unquestionable.

Furthermore, we also focus our efforts on the development of new cultivation strategies as well as the exploitation of agronomic residues, ensuring the reduction of the environmental impact and promoting its sustainability.